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You are on purpose. You are here for a reason. We're really glad about that!

In The Beginning...

... there was a human who loved other humans so hard! That human? Was me! Jenn! (more about me here). 

As someone who loves hard, has big feelings, and sees every day as an opportunity for growth and strength, I wanted to share the things that get me through!

Sunny Braveheart was born out of a desire to inspire and be inspired. But what's with the name? Well, once upon a time, I met a huge crew of people - new to me - all at once in an environment I was excited about. It was an event I had never attended, and the event had a theme of sorts. I arrived in costume despite being a conflicting mix of extroverted and shy, braving a social dilemma as a fierce(ly cute) lion! It was actually just a costume

So I thought. 

Being the kind who thinks and reflects on intentions and actions, I couldn't help but wonder what led me to be a lion of all characters that night. Lions are symbolically brave, fierce, fearless, powerful, kings (& queens!) of the jungle. They have pride - and live in prides - and community, belonging, and purpose unfolded as I thought on these things. 

So was it just a costume? You decide! One thing is for certain, bravery means something different for you than for me perhaps and so I encourage you to own that bravery beginning with refusing to let others define it for you. 

Maybe bravery for you looks a lot like showing the world your art, your thoughts, your feelings? I know that is exactly how it looks for me, and I could not be more pleased to be sharing the journey! 


December 01, 2015 by Jenn Seeley
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