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Permission Granted: Your Body & Emotions Are Worthy of Your Love

Permission Granted: Your Body & Emotions Are Worthy of Your Love

Very recently, one of my best people blogged about Sunny Braveheart over on the Fit is a Feminist Issue blog. We had a sweet back and forth interview style interaction, where she asked me great questions about what I'm doing here and why. 

You can click the above link to read the whole thing (in fact, I recommend it!) but here's my favourite of the questions and my response below: 

Susan: These images are either body or emotion positive. Can you elaborate on the importance of emphasizing those two things in your affirmations?

Jenn (that's me!): Oh, this was and is super important. Thank you for noticing! There are all kinds of affirmations out there that speak to success – like careers & finances – and that isn’t the intention of Sunny Braveheart. Too often, (because: patriarchy) having emotions and feelings is considered weak and undesirable. Talking about feelings is hard! Especially if you fear ridicule or being misunderstood. And where to start on body positivity? Thanks to so many crummy social constructs that attempt to dictate what a ‘good body’ is and so few people (mainly women) who can’t begin to live up to standards that shouldn’t exist in the first place, people’s self-image and ideals take a brutal hit.

Think about this: so far, forever, we have been told all kinds of gross things about how our bodies must look. We have been told many conflicting messages about how to parent and how not to parent. We read thousands of words in fear every night on multiple web pages just trying to determine if we’re a good partner to our lovers. We are called weak for crying. We are put into boxes and labeled based on the colour of our skin and our spiritual practices. We are told from within the communities we belong to that even on the inside there are people who do-the-things-that-we-do better/faster/stronger/longer/smarter than we do.

Whether directly or indirectly, we get these messages at an alarming rate. Every. Single. Day.

What if instead of that I told you: You are enough. You are exactly enough. Your body is good. You are strong. Bravery doesn’t look the same for you and that’s okay – you’re still brave. Your feelings are valid, important, beautiful, and real. YOU are valid, important, beautiful, and real. Your body can tell you things that the internet can’t, so go ahead and listen to it. Give yourself permission to filter out the ideals of the world, and join a collective that wishes to change the narrative.




And on that note, today is all about giving ourselves permission. Permission to not only filter the bits and pieces of narrative about us, but permission also to design a better story - a better projection of our best selves. I'm quite tired of being told how to feel and be, so today I'm sparkling and shining. What about you? What have you given yourself permission to do or feel or say lately? What narrative are you rewriting for your life? And how are you going about it? Feel free to share if you are so compelled <3 

Love & cupcakes, 





December 05, 2015 by Jenn Seeley
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