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Being Gentle With Yourself

People keep asking me: "Why should I be gentle with myself?"

It's really this simple. 

We believe so much of what we hear. We're influenced - whether we like it or not - by mass media's ideas of what our lives should look like and be. The more we hear something, the easiest it is to believe without asking questions. 

What if you told yourself things that were kind and full of self love in an effort to rewire and tune out the negative garbage coming at you in full force? Besides, I bet you don't like it when someone says something mean to someone you love - or if a friend speaks poorly of themselves. Why should the rules be different when it's about you? 

So tell me, can you be gentle with yourself? What does that look like? And if you need help... That's totally ok :) 

I will be gentle with myself

December 11, 2015 by Jenn Seeley
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