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Owning Your Awkward!

Owning Your Awkward!

Learning to embrace and own the very things that make you YOU can be a real challenge. Whether it's something about the way we speak, look, or behave (and beyond!)...  pressuring ourselves to be someone or something that we are not won't fast track us to a happy place. 

There's something incredibly freeing - and empowering - when we own our quirks and traits and see them as AWESOME versus awful. Easier said than done? Sometimes! Yet, steps toward embracing something real is a different kind of work than playing the role of someone else - and it's work that can pay off! 

I logged onto Facebook on New Year's Eve and when I saw one post in my feed, I stopped abruptly only to begin again and read it out loud to a friend nearby. What we both took away from these beautiful words? Owning your awkward (or insert whatever trait you need here) can lead to a fuller, happier time!

With permission from Emily, here are  her raw, real, vulnerable words of how she owned and overcame! 


Of course, if you can't do the thing that's always ok - regardless of what anyone tells you. Just know that when or if the time comes that maybe you can try, there's a good chance it won't also end up to be that awful thing you suspected! 

Whatever your path... wherever you're at..... no matter what your own flavour of awkward and owning it looks like, I'm wishing you a life lived fully in 2016

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January 01, 2016 by Jenn Seeley
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