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How To Create Art

How To Create Art

In case you're an over-thinker or a perhaps a recovering one, or you need rules to follow in order to succeed, here are a few guidelines for making art: 

1. Do what makes you feel.

Not specifically good or bad or any one feeling solely. Just do what makes you feel

2. Color outside the lines.

That's right. Ignore the advice of your kindergarten teacher if you must. One of the most beautiful things I ever overheard, was an artist at an outdoor art festival called Paint The Heartland chatting up a tiny human. He told the little one "Don't ever let anyone tell you you have to stay inside the lines". How freeing to not be bogged by THAT rule! 

3. Make the things you want to make.

Sure, some artists rely on a paycheck for their masterpieces and that's ok! Maybe you can also make room, though, for spending energy on you and doing what you want versus what you feel you're supposed to do? 

4. Declare yourself an artist - no matter what someone else may know or think about you

5. Listen to Mr. Rogers. Always listen to Mr. Rogers. 

January 24, 2016 by Jenn Seeley
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