About The Artist – sunnybraveheart
You are on purpose. You are here for a reason. We're really glad about that!




Jenn Seeley grew up in a tiny darling town in New Brunswick, Canada. Home of the Longest Covered Bridge in the World (It's 1282 feet!), Hartland was quiet and friendly and the perfect environment to birth creativity. The quaintness held Jenn back from seeing more of herself, however, so she followed her heart's desire to Toronto in 2012. From population 900 to forth largest city in North America, Jenn became fast acquainted with the word overwhelmed as she still continues to find her way in the Big Smoke.  

Having once upon a time believed her words and her art weren't worthy of a second thought, she's finding purpose in creative outlets to bravely share herself, her heart, and her hope that you, too, can be uplifted by treating yourself kindly and feeling all of your feelings. What you get from Jenn is genuine heart and an authentic desire to see you set yourself free from any of the many words that drag you down. 

Jenn mostly creates with words, digital art, and watercolour, but she's trying really hard to knit her first pair of socks. She really believes that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is to try the thing that once felt hard, and to tell someone else about it along the way. When she's not creating, Jenn is trying to avoid smothering her two cats with her constant kisses and love. Jenn is a self-professed fat, queer, intersectional feminist who feels the deepest for folks living and loving in the margins. 

Her greatest hope for you? That you sincerely know that you are exactly enough.